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Who can join?

Any driver with a licence to drive in Great Britain may join as an Associate. Associate Members are from a broad spectrum of the community. The Group is advised by members of the Police force.

There is nothing magic about Advanced Driving. The drivers who come to our Group already possess knowledge and skill otherwise they would never get from A to B.

Advanced Driving is just honing those skills using a sytematic method of car control as laid down in Roadcraft, along with a more in depth study of why and how we do things combined with concentration and observation. Our main objective is to become more aware of other drivers, your own capabilities and to promote road safety.


It is necessary to become an Associate Member of the Group for insurance purposes. The initial joining fee is £65 with an added optional charge for the Highway Code and Roadcraft Manual if these have not been purchased prior to joining the Group. This entitles you to as many guidance sessions as it takes for you to reach test standard. Subsequent years membership is currently £15 per year.

RoSPA - RoADAR - National

Payment of your test entitles you to a years membership of RoADAR, however your second and subsequent years membership of RoADAR is subject to an additional annual fee of £40 which entitles you to receive issues of ' Care on the Road ' and includes your free refresher tests which are every 3 years. Please note - this is a completely separate membership to our Group Membership.