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What we do and and what you can expect when you become an Associate.

We meet every other Sunday morning at 9 am for a 9.15 drive, until about lunch time, in the Parish Room at the Greasley Sports Centre, Dovecote Road, Newthorpe, Nottingham, NG163QN.

Each session, Associates are assigned a Tutor who will pass on the finer points of advanced, confidence building and defensive driving techniques. We have a bank of tutors and although we will start you off with the same tutor for the first few drives, later on in your course you will have different tutors. We find this is valuable as you can learn different techniques from each tutor. We try to make the atmosphere welcoming and as relaxed as possible. We take into account possible nerves on the assessment drive and afterwards so we aim for a non intimidating and safe learning environment as we work together to improve driving standards.


The Tutors are members of the Group who have passed the test at one of the two higher levels and have stayed with the Group to pass on their expertise. Following some additional training, they have all been designated as Approved Car Tutors.

Recently, a number of our tutors have trained for and have passed the Advanced Tutors test, this is even more of a challenge and is to an even higher standard than the normal Advanced test. It also includes the ability to instruct others. It is these tutors who will make the ultimate decision that associates are ready to take their test.


The training is based on 'Roadcraft' the Police Drivers manual and candidates need to have a thorough knowledge and awareness of its contents.

During a training drive with a tutor the following aspects of driving skills are covered :

Steering, used smoothly, with good control and at the correct time
Clutch - smooth operation, good control, used at the correct time plus the use and flexibility of gears
Brakes, smooth use, good control and appropriate use of speed
Accelerator control and use at correct time
Observation, including planning and following a route
Anticipation , Hazard Awareness and Consideration
Mirrors and signalling
Road position, cornering and overtaking.
Motorway and dual-carriageway driving.
A pre-driving check will be explained to you.
Although not essential, Associates will also be encourged to deliver a commentary on their drive.

Following the training drive, the Tutor will provide a debrief focusing on positive aspects of the Associates driving along with areas for improvement. There is plenty of time for discussion in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere over cup of coffee.


The test can be taken when the Associate feels ready and the tutors agree that they are up to standard.  There are three levels of pass : Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Above all, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have worked hard to improve your driving, are able to demonstrate this and that you have been independently tested and verified by a RoSPA Examiner.  You will be able to display the Advanced Drivers badge.  In addition, you will be a RoSPA member and receive updates and information including the 'Care on The Road' magazine.  Some insurance and other companies offer discounts for Advanced Drivers.